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Katsu Chicken Strips     £15.00
Japanese breaded chicken with katsu sauce.


Gambas Ajillo     £16.00
Pan-fried tiger prawns with garlic creamy sauce.


Chicken Tikka     £14.00
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in Indian spices and yoghurt,
Served with garlic sauce.


King Scallops and Quails Eggs     £16.00
Pan fried king scallops with crispy soft fried quails eggs and curried parsnip puree.


Cromer Crab     £16.00
Crab leg meat, prawns, mango, fresh onion and cucumber with light soya and mango vinaigrette.


Goats Cheese and Beetroot     £12.00
Goats curd with marinated beetroot, caramelized walnuts and ciabatta crisp.


Quinoa and Pomegranate Salad with Passion Fruit Dressing     £13.00
With, rocket leaves and avocado.


Thai Style Prawns     £16.00
King prawns marinated in Thai spice served with rice noodle salad.


Premium Dishes


Crispy Peking Duck Pancakes with Hoisin Sauce     £18.00
Served with fresh spring onion and cucumber



Premium dishes

 Aberdeen Fillet Mignon    £42
Considered the king of steaks for his melt in the mouth texture and juiciness, Served with a roasted garlic creamed potato, asparagus and beef jus


Brisket of beef     £42
A slow roasted shin of beef served with horseradish and potato puree, spinach and beef jus


Lamb duo     £46
Seared cannon of lamb, sweet potato puree, shoulder of lamb and feta “bon bon” baby, shallots And a red wine reduction.


 Roasted Duck breast     £42
Served with balsamic red cabbage, straw chips and red wine reduction.


Mediterranean and English


Roasted Suffolk Chicken breast     £26
With roasted potatoes, vegetables and butternut purée.


Baked honey glazed whole Sea Bream     £28
Served with roasted potatoes.


Banyan Style Jerk Chicken     £26
Marinated in Scottish bonnet peppers, served with grilled pineapple, sweet potato wedges and rice.


Fish and chips Banyan style     £24
Succulent fillet of Haddock fried in coriander tempura, served with chilli salt chips.

(We try to ensure that all the bones are removed from our fish dishes but we cannot guarantee it)

Chinese and Thai

Banyan sweet chilli
Chilli infused chicken     £26
                    Or Prawns     £28
Served with fried rice and fresh peppers, spring onion and tomato.


     Indonesian Beef Rendang     £28
Tender strips of Angus beef marinated in lemongrass, lime and ginger Served with rice.


     Malaysian Chicken curry     £26
Served with rice and mixed peppers
(Available in vegetarian option)


Banyan Biryani
Authentic style Biryani with the choice of Vegetables     £24
                                                                           Or Prawns     £26


     Chicken Tikka Masala     £26
Tandoor baked Chicken Tikka with a rich creamy lightly spiced sauce served with rice.




 Bread assortment

Chunky chips

Roasted potatoes

Pan fried mixed baby vegetables

Basmati rice



Crème Brûlée with Raspberry     £10
Classic crème Brule enhanced with fresh raspberries served with lemon ice cream.


Baked New York cheese cake     £10
A rich New York cheese cake served with chocolate and blueberry sauce.


Apple Tart Tatin     £10
A rich apple tart Tatin served with honeycomb ice cream and salt caramel sauce.


Almond salt caramel and chocolate tart     £10
Rich salt caramel, almonds and smooth dark chocolate tart with vanilla bean ice cream


English and continental cheeseboard with chutneys     £12


Ice-cream and sorbet     £3.00 a scoop